National Correspondence Coalition

Materials Pack: NCC certified paper (50 sheets), NCC certified envelopes (50), New Recruit Invitations (5), monthly story starter (1), Material Request Form (1), NCC certified pen (1)

The National Correspondence Coalition (NCC) is a publicly engaged project which serves to create interpersonal narratives. Existing as a structured organization to encourage the art of letter-writing, the NCC is simultaneously communal and individual.

An unspoken alliance of members write to one another, creating an invisible network of communication-- a community sharing dialogue rather than place. Built on a framework of bureaucracy, the National Correspondence Coalition mimics the forms and guidelines of federal institutions to elevate the practice of correspondence.

As the founder and sole employee of the NCC, my role is simultaneously highly involved and eerily passive. The art is born in the connection between writer/sender and reader/receiver, and yet never appears in the traditional gallery context. As the artist, I only mediate these interactions, not author them. Members enroll to join something larger than themselves and receive the customary letter-writing materials for doing so.